Our Mission

The Birthday
To provide a complete Christmas experience for area resident parents who are unable to financially afford a traditional Christmas for their families. We provide a customized Christmas dinner for home preparation for each family. Each child receives new clothing, age-appropriate toys and gifts and a Christmas stocking filled with necessities & goodies.

Frame of Mind
To create a community environment where there is an exchange of ideas & services in place between businesses and clients, client to client for work, food, clothing, furniture, home goods, necessities, teaching, and counseling. A networking of People, Work, & Experience with the Emphasis on Sharing & Giving of knowledge to bring clients a higher level of Happiness and Family success.

Begin Again Homes Goods was created to provide additional income by selling donated & consigned home goods and furniture, as well as a way to provide families in need the necessary home goods and furniture to begin again.

                                       Join Us To Be A Part Of The Solution!