About Us

Who We Are

We are a 501-c3 non-profit organization that aims to add the “Merry” to everyone’s Christmas and to improve the average quality of life in the Flagler community, beginning by bringing comfort and joy to the lives of those who need it most. CCT was founded in 2009 by Nadine King. Since then, it has helped more than 1500 families and 4200 children in Flagler County.

What we do

We provide an essential personalized fresh dinner and new clothes & toys, to bring joy and comfort to struggling families, at least for one night.

Since 2012, Christmas Come True has extended our assistance throughout the year. Christmas Come True gives families that are in need beds, bedding, home goods, furniture, and many emergency services to keep families in their homes when we have the available funding.

Begin Again Home Goods

Begin Again Home Goods has been established because of the constant needs of our community and as another source of revenue to expand our capabilities to help more of the families regain their stability.

We are Accepting donations of all types of “loved & cared for” Home Goods to be Sold or Consigned.

Many of these items that are donated help provide beds, dressers, and a home atmosphere for families that are starting over or do not have the ability to pay.

Our store Begin Again Home Goods helps to take care of the monthly expenses of CCT and many of the home goods that are donated go to families in need. We host many fundraising events throughout the year. With the help of volunteers, we make sure that families that have no means to support their children get new clothes, toys, and a family dinner so that they can enjoy a magical Christmas even in dire times. Every donation is used carefully to select the best gifts or ways to help these struggling families, and we make every penny count.

How we do it

Christmas Come True was founded in 2009 and helps over 160 families with more than 500 children every year. Our mission was founded on the belief that Christmas is a frame of mind that should extend to every day and every person should have the ability to maintain the “hope” and joy of Christmas. Without basic necessities such as a roof over your head or food, it’s hard to think about what that day will bring. Every year we need your help to continue to support these Flagler County Families during the Christmas season that otherwise would not receive any gifts or a warm Christmas dinner. Will you help us to support those families and provide a memorable Christmas for those children?

We work directly with the families that request assistance and interview each one individually. The parents tell us what they most desperately need for clothing, etc., and what their children would be so excited to receive on Christmas day. Christmas Come True donates the wrapped and tagged gifts to the parents ready to give to their children on Christmas morning.

We establish a Distribution Day and each parent/parents are assigned a time to pick up their gifts. They are encouraged to not bring the children. This is a gift for parents to enable them to give their children Christmas.

We provide Christmas trees and decorations when in need and are available.

There are many ways you can participate and feel the deep rewards of helping give the joy of love and laughter:

Adopt a child’s gift wishes

Adopt a Family’s wishes

Donate a Publix gift card for a Family Dinner

Make a monetary donation towards a child’s/children’s gifts

You can give monthly donations

Help us with purchasing and wrapping the gifts from Thanksgiving to Distribution Day

Our extended Missions

About Us

We are a non-profit that has been helping Flagler families since 2009. What began as a project has now developed into a life-long mission, and a frame of mind