Family Care Center

Help us secure a permanent distribution facility and space for our families that need help the whole year.

Help us continue serving hundreds of children each year!

Every year we scramble to find a distribution facility for gifts and food for over 500 children. This past year, we weren’t able to secure a facility until 3 weeks prior to distribution! You can imagine how stressful this was and how many long days and nights went into preparation during these 3 weeks. We are asking for help in obtaining a permanent distribution facility so that we have ample time to prepare and can increase the amount of children and families we are able to help. This will also allow us to help more families throughout the entire year with a place to store beds and furniture and more. Will you help us reach our goal?

This Family Care Center will…

Increase the number of children we can help

More space = more food, and more gifts for children.

Allow storage and distribution of beds and furniture the ENTIRE year to families in need.

Ensure gifts and food are distributed on time.

Our Achievements

In 2021 Christmas Come True helped:



Christmas Come True has helped a total of:



Did you know?

Christmas Come True not only provides gifts and foods to hundreds of children each year, but we also…

  • Find and provide beds to families and children the whole year
  • Find and provide furniture to families the entire year
  • Pay for temporary housing for families 
  • Assist in finding permanent housing for families
  • Pay for and provide groceries for families in need the entire year
  • And more…

About Us

We are a non-profit that has been helping Flagler families since 2009. What began as a project has now developed into a life-long mission, and a frame of mind

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