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Innovative Community Resource Solutions
Why Innovative Community Resource Solutions?
A Business with a Purpose-Repurpose the Business Model

We are developing a transformational business with the intent on creating new product lines by re-purposing our “throw-Away” products into useful creative “new” products and developing and cultivating new products using our own natural resources that are currently not being tapped into.

This model of social entrepreneurship is being developed in many countries around the world with the intent of not only uplifting, but bettering the lives of people who have not had the opportunity to find out what their natural talents are, never mind the opportunity to find a job or career that create an income a family could live on. We don’t realize that so many children are growing up in broken homes without the ability to learn the basics on finance, living skills, and how to develop a loving home environment. This is foreign to so many children who are now adults. They themselves have grown up only knowing poverty.

How and where do you learn how to get out of poverty? The sense of hopelessness is very real in Flagler County. Without the “Livable Income” that manufacturing, high tech, and corporate businesses could bring, these families are stuck in the retail and hospitality sector. These incomes are always fluctuating and uncertain. Weather, economy, and many other factors cause these jobs to be constantly fluctuating.

Imagine being able to create an environment that assists our community in need, the ability to find their natural talents and then to develop those talents to better our community and themselves. This can be done without a huge expense because the model is in not a for- profit business, it is a business that is always reinvesting the profits back into growing and adding more talents and nurturing new small businesses.

In Flagler County, 9,975 individuals over the age of 18 currently fall into the extremely low income category, according to data from the Commission on Homelessness and Housing for Volusia and Flagler Counties. Those people earned less than $12,490 last year.
A building is currently available that fits all the needs that we would require to begin this project without a huge amount of improvements or permitting.   The monthly rent is well below the current monthly rates for industrial properties and the building is a turnkey condition.

We already have a marketplace to distribute these products through. Begin Again Home Goods was established 3 1/2 years ago to accept home goods no longer needed by one family and sell or give those items a new home in need.
This project will complete the circle of needs. A type of re-cycling people, product, and wealth in a way that constantly gives back to our community.
Talents +Time +Treasure = Success
I am reaching out to the community to give everyone the ability to join us in this incredibly positive project to better our community, lower our “Throw-away” trash and to give our families and neighbors in need a way to climb out of the negative poverty they are stuck in now.

How can you help?
Time is of the essence and the soon the building will not be available for us so, click the button below and give now!
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Innovative Community Resource Solutions
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© Christmas Come True, a 501c3 non-profit organization
© Christmas Come True,
a 501c3 non-profit organization
© Christmas Come True,
a 501c3 non-profit organization
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